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  1. Once again you amaze me at the knowledge you carry around in that beautiful head of yours. By the way, I heard on the radio the other day that cow hugging is a thing right now!

  2. I learned so much from this post! We are getting a milk cow next year and this post has explained a lot! Thank you for sharing on the Simple Homestead Blog Hop! You are one of our features this week! Congratulations!

    1. Hi there AnnMarie! I am so glad that you found this post helpful! Yay for you getting a cow!! That is super exciting! Oh, and thank you for the feature!!

  3. We just got our first Jersey calf from our mid size Jersey two days ago and besides happy, I’m thinking ahead. I read somewhere that cows will produce milk typically for about 10 months and that’s it, you need her bred. For what you mention, you have waited 18 months between calving, that’s an extra 9 months! Did you get milk the whole time? If so, we’re you milking twice daily after the calf was weaned? We have the option to breed our cow for free (it came with the deal) but we’re not necessarily ready to host a bull for months, and the option to take her to him is not appealing to me…

    1. Hi there! Congratulations! Isn’t it the sweetest? Yes, we did get milk for that long. By the end of course it was only like 1/2 gallon and we weren’t milking twice a day. Our vet advises breeding every year, so we are just going with that. Plus it’s nice to get a new calf more often. He thinks it’s best for the cow. However, if you cannot get her bred for some reason, she will likely continue to give milk for quite a while! Yes, I don’t like the option of taking the cow to the bull either. If they are willing to rent him, then likely he has a good temperament. We have rented one that was very gentle and not aggressive at all. It can work out! Thanks for stopping by!

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