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  1. Jennifer, I am always amazed at the amount of info you have stored in that pretty head! You are really a farm girl(lady) now. I wish you lived closer so I could enjoy your fresh eggs!

  2. Just a quick question. What about surfaces in the coop? We have a lot of surfaces (things that are off the ground) that just get covered in poop. Do you leave that for a year too? Or do you clean the surfaces but just not the stuff on the ground?

    1. Good question. I honestly don’t know without seeing your exact situation. Admittedly our house does not have lots of surfaces. Places where poop does accumulate like the nesting box ledge, we just use a stick or whatever is handy to kind of sweep it off onto the ground where it can be mixed with the bedding to decompose. We do not regularly clean the ledges and such, we just sweep them off when we notice them getting full. We have a friend with a less than ideal chicken house, with lots of surfaces and way too many roosts, they end up cleaning theirs all the time. If that were me I think I would look into a different coop. Nobody has time for all that chicken poop cleaning! I hope that helps!

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