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  1. Thanks for explaining about once a day milking! I love the idea of flexibility for travel.
    Quick q- how many days have you been away for and skipped the once a day milking? Would a full week of just leaving the cow and calf together cause a reduction of her supply?
    I have a two year old mama Dexter cow with her first calf- a seven-week-old steer. We have travel coming up and not sure if it is worth it to try to teach a friend to milk or if we can leave it all to the calf- but we’ll be gone for six days!!
    Would love to hear your thoughts!

    1. Hi there! I would say that you will be just fine leaving the calf and mama together without having anyone milk. We always do this when we have a trip, the calf is good at keeping up supply. It’s so difficult to find/train someone to milk for you. One time, we had weaned a calf and we had a trip approaching, my parents really did not want to milk the cow as they just weren’t that comfortable doing it. We moved the calf back in with the mama and she allowed him to nurse again even though they had been separated for months, he kept the milk flowing while we were gone. Probably not a sure fire or recommended way to do it but it worked when we needed it!

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