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  1. One other cost to mention is AI breeding or bringing in a bull to breed her. What did or do you do?
    My daughter just showed me the ballerina farmer & family taking their milking cow with them camping 😂😂

    1. Great one! I just added that to the article! I have never heard of the ballerina farmer! I will look that up!

  2. We aren’t home steading but I’m so curious and was led to your website after searching “how much does it cost to buy a dairy cow?” thank you for a great article!

    I’m most shocked at the cost of raw milk in your area! I’m paying $14 a gallon where I live in the Midwest. We’re not huge on milk so this works for our family but it’s still so pricey and literal liquid gold!

    1. Wow! That is expensive milk, but if you can swing it, well worth it! In the long run cheaper than keeping a cow! Ha!

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