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  1. I will try this for my dogs. The flies bite their noses and they bleed. I never thought of using citronella oil. Thanks for sharing ❤️

    1. I neglected to mention water in the recipe, fill the remainder of the bottle with water! Thank you, I hope it helps the pups!

    2. Exactly, Barbara! That was my first thought, too. We live in the High Desert across the (dirt) road from a Bak Choy farmer who uses cow manure every few years to fertilize the soil. He buys it by the truckload, dumps it in a pile next to the greenhouses.
      Mmm mm. Talk about flies! Our poor pups can’t take a decent nap. Jennifer’s recipe, with water added (thanks Jennifer, wavies!) is now tacked to our refrigerator. Yep, even dogs need a survival kit 🙂

      1. Oh goodness, we know what it’s like when the neighbor spreads! So stinky! I really hope this helps your pups! Flies are persistent, you may have to spray them several times a day!

        1. At least twice a day, maybe more depending on how bad they are! I haven’t used it for our dogs, they aren’t pestered by the flies like the livestock. I know my mom gave it a try and I’m pretty sure she had to use it at least a couple time a day.

  2. Hey Jenn,

    I’m so glad you posted this. I am going to buy the ingredients to try this spray out with our Jersey. Right now I’m doing the oil, ACV, dish soap, and EO’s, but as you said, it only seems to last for about 30 minutes.

    Can’t wait to try this out!

    Hope you and the fam are doing well 🙂


    1. Hey there! I was thinking of you when I posted this! I forgot to mention filling the remainder of the bottle with water in the recipe. I just fixed it! I really hope it works for you!

  3. If I want to add the other suggested essential oils, do I add 30 drops of each or do I somehow divide them up between the 30 drops (so maybe 10 drops of each essential oil, totalling 30)?

    1. Hi there,
      Yes, I would add about ten drops of each to total 30 for a bottle this size anywhere from 30-50 drops total should be fine!

  4. Is this fly spray safe for swine as well. We have been using manna pro cut heal spray, which works well at healing the wounds on ears from excessive fly bites and it keeps the flies off of their ears for quite awhile too but it is so expensive. I bought the ingredients listed on the cut heap bottle but have no idea how to mix it . So I thought I would try your fly spray recipe if it is safe for swine. Thank you for your help!

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