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  1. I love ferns! In NY when money was ever so tight, I would get ferns and the winter bring them in and we all took turns each month taking a shower with the ferns! Waste not! Lol. They do love the humidity. I managed to keep them alive most of the winter. It gave me hope spring was coming!
    What a hubby!! That’s sweet.
    Great post Jenn❤️

  2. Love this!
    We have fern of different varieties growing all over our yard. I think our property was once a (fern) nursery of some sort! I pull it up I clumps and pot it and before the summer is over they are huge! Absolutely the only thing I can grow! LOL, My ferns are in great need of re-potting soon.
    Awesome post! Have a great summer!

    1. Yes, my Mother-in-law has ferns all over her yard too. She lives in PA and they have lots of trees around. You have a great summer too!

  3. This gives me the courage to try this at my new home we just bought today! Those ferns still on sale? I’m there if they are!

  4. Loved this post! Porches and ferns just go together! One of my ferns is looking a little sad and we haven’t even got into the hot weather yet! I’m going to report it and see if that will help it!

  5. I am a fern lover as well!! Your husband is a gem!! What a sweet thing to do! I also didn’t realize that they should be repotted!! Love learning new things like this and will pass it along to my mother too!

  6. I just saw the prettiest arrangement where they added flowers underneath the fern and made it look like a topiary! Great tips friend! Thank you so much!

    Happy day!


  7. I love Boston ferns…but we have all full hot sunny spots…so I haven’t had one in a while. Thank you for sharing these tips with us on Farm Fresh Tuesdays…I may just need to get one for a houseplant! 🙂

  8. I always have boston ferns flanking my front door on the porch every summer and they do thrive there. The year my daughter got married, i had 2 on the front porch and 2 on the back patio. When it got cold, I moved them to the basement and they did well there until my daughter’s wedding in mid November. The ferns looked great up front in the church during the ceremony. 🙂

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