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  1. Amazing! I have a hobby farm with initially 70+ hens. We’re down to 37 due to natural dying off. But, that’s it. You’ve got your hands full with 10 kids and all of your farm animals. Amazing, Jenn!

  2. You know I’m partial to Timothy and Penelope. ❤️ Thanks for the share! The Jersey milk cows are my favorite. Our milk each week comes from all Jersey cows! Love the high milk cream we get!!

  3. Penelope is a beauty! I just love that you all give your animals the best life. What an amazing place you all have! Trying not to feel too jealous here!! You think I could have a milk cow on our 1/4 acre in a neighborhood? lol!

    1. Nope, I don’t think a milk cow is for you at this point! Thank you, don’t be jealous, it’s a ton of work! Ha!

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