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  1. I loved your farm tour❤️….it makes me all the more excited to get our real farm since here on our urban “farm” we are very limited my space and City regulations. Your farm is beautiful, with all the animals I envision us caring for one day🥰

    1. Thanks Jayme! I loved the dreaming stage…enjoy it! It is a dream come true for us, but as with most things it is difficult and reality is not as romantic as my dreams were!

  2. So beautiful, and I am sorry about your bunnies. It’s funny how even if you are planning to butcher an animal there is something about them being killed that is traumatic

  3. I appreciate that you spoke about animals in the freezer. So many people, including myself, don’t always factor in the importance of knowing where you food comes from when it comes to our meat. Good reminder for me to continue to purchase from trusted local farms.

  4. Such a sweet tour of your farm animals. Love it! We love farm life and can’t imagine ever living where we couldn’t raise our own meat and have lots of pets as well.

  5. That was awesome! Y’all have a beautiful life! We would love to live on more land. I know it’s more work but wow, the memories you are giving those kiddos:) I debated on my next post ( processing venison) because of controversy but, it’s real life around here!
    Great job:) Angela Rogers

    1. Yes, I would say go with what you do and what you love. A true conservationist knows that harvesting deer is what is best for the population. No one likes too see overpopulated areas with dead deer all over the highway. That is just a waste. Giving your family life through the meat is an honor to the animal.

  6. I love following your blog! I want this lifestyle for our family… sooner rather than later. My husband and I were raised rural and now living the city life. It has it’s perks, but it’s a drag for me! Thanks for the tour of my dreams.

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