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  1. Hello, Jennifer!
    I just skimmed this the other day, now I read it in detail. I’m not sure, but it looks as if the following paragraph is supposed to have t wo links in it, which it doesn’t:

    I like“> these brushes for scrubbing. Now, once this is done, you keep it that way every day. Make sure it is empty, clean, and shiny every night before bed. This one simple thing will make your morning a bit brighter. Also, lay out a “>fresh towel and washcloth for the next day too.
    Maybe you forgot?
    The other thing is, and I used to make my bed every morning as soon as I got up (except when I was married, as I got up hours before my husband did…) THEN I read that it is actually much healthier if you allow your bed to air out a bit before making it. The air helps to dry the bed from body sweat, and bed bugs…dust mites.
    So now, I do a few other things before I make my bed. I usually leave it for an hour then make it. Just FYI: pull the sheets and blankets back, don’t leave them crumpled in a ball….or they won’t dry out!

    Right now, I have been under construction for over a year now. New foundation (I was completely out of the house for 5 months: no heat, no electricity, no plumbing as it was 5 feet in the air! Then once that was done, had insulation put in, new hardy plank siding, new windows (they were original 1945 windows) new metal roof, waited another 4 months for the weather to allow painting, gutters and new “storm” screen doors.
    I removed some items to a storage unit for the foundation to be lifted, then had to move all furniture 5 feet away from all windows, due to finding some lead paint. Right now, my house is still in total disarray! I did not loose work due to covid, as I’m an essential worker, delivering mail to rural Oregon. So, I have been stressed out, and with everyone ordering (myself included) most things online, the package portion of the mail is horrendous. But, I’m finally getting a few things done. I have a two story house, with the upstairs being used mostly for storage. (20 YEARS of it!) I’m planning to move my workspace (for all of my recipes and gift making, as well as my sewing machines (both electric and treadle) upstairs and finally get my disaster storage in order and cataloged.
    All of THAT to say, I’ll be needing something like this to help me get better organized once things are in place…..
    Sorry this is so long!
    Thanks for the great ideas … I may order your leather planner someday.

    1. Hi Carol! Good advice on airing the bed! I understand the construction disarray! We have lived that way many many times!

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