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  1. This is exactly how my family of 9 does laundry🤗, love it. This system has worked well for us for the past couple years and I don’t see us deterring from it.

  2. Wonderful suggestions. I have 6 kids-all grown now- and I had an eight foot table in my laundry room. I had labels baskets underneath for them to sort their own clothes. Then I washed and folded all the clothes and each kid was responsible for getting their clean clothes to put away. I washed whatever basket was full each day. It worked like a charm.

  3. This is very similar to how we did laundry growing up in a large family. With only three young kids of my own right now, it’s different, but I love this for inspiration! One thing that has worked with our kids is buying all one color of socks for them and then keeping them in a small basket in their drawer. Same for undies. This way they never have to match and fold socks and underwear…and neither do I. This saves us tons of laundry time!

    What a great post, Jennifer! Love reading about your big family life!

    Micah || Uncommon Simplicity

    1. Yes! I have heard of that idea with the socks, sure would help with the issue of only being able to find one all the time! Thanks for the tip!

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