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  1. I simply LOVE the labels! And I agree Castile soap is kinda lame, I mean you can use it to wash babies… how can it possibly clean my oven?

    1. I know right? It was so popular for a while I rushed out and bought some and then I was like….ummmm what am I missing here?

  2. Thank you for these awesome ideas about natural cleaning! Every now and then I break out the bleach—but I love natural cleaning products! And those labels are so cute!

    Happy Monday!

    1. Thanks, I’m glad you like the labels. Yes, on the bleach, I too will use it from time to time, but I always feel guilty! Ha!

  3. Awesome round up! I’m at the point of needing to make new cleaners so I’ll give some of these a try. Also, the labels are gorgeous. Definitely outshine my masking tape. 😂

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