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  1. This is great Jenn! I’ve been wanting to try yogurt in my Instant Pot. I have access to both raw cow and goat milk so thank you for this. I love experiments!

  2. Thanks for sharing your experiment. Marisa at Bunblebee Apothacary did a raw milk yogurt video a while back but she used a yogutherm. I was thinking I would try this in my instant pot but just havent had time. Thanks for doing the research!

  3. I am new to using raw milk. I have my first raw milk yogurt batch incubating now thanks to your method! I love making yogurt in the instant pot but since I’m new to handling raw milk I have a few questions. Approximately how long will this yogurt keep in the fridge? Would it strain successfully to create a greek style yogurt? I always strain the whey off when using pasturized milk and I assume there would be no reason you could not strain this as well. Thank you so much for the video by the way as that really helped to reassure me that this recipe should work.

  4. I’m so grateful for this easy-does-it recipe.

    I just made my raw milk yogurt last night following your guidelines. Wow! Thank you!

  5. I tried this last night, using Cultures for Health yogurt starter for 8 1/2 hours, it stayed in the instant pot for about another 2 hrs beforeI I put it into the fridge, then it was in tere for about 2 hours, and it’s just sour milk. Any ideas what might have happened?

    1. I replied to this in an email. I have recently had two batches not turn out well myself. The only difference has been the milk I used. Our cow is dry, so I have been buying milk. It is A2 milk. I am curious as to whether the protein that is easier for folks to digest does not make thick yogurt? I wish I had all of the answers!

  6. I used a half gallon raw milk and half cup organic whole milk yogurt. Put it in my instant pot on the yogurt setting. It just finished and was runny. Any ideas? Thank you!

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