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  1. Okay I admit i was skeptical of the fermented food craze, but yogurt and sourdough are normal to me so I guess it makes sense! We love having shredded carrots in salad so I think this would be handy!

    1. Yes, it sounds weird…and I guess it kind of is! Someone else mentioned keeping things like onions this way so they are ready to go and you don’t have to chop them for every meal.

      1. I made 4 jars and 3 had mold on top after a week. i may have had too much brine in the jar.

  2. Thanks for this great post Jenn! I have dabbled a bit in fermented foods and love sauerkraut, but not some of the other veggies I’ve tried. I have never tried carrots. Guess I should give this a try with our abundant carrot harvest! Great explanation of fermentation process also!

  3. Found you on the Simple Homestead Blog Hop – this recipe is lovely and simple! I’m getting more into fermenting now, and I want to ferment all the things. 🙂 I never thought to shred the carrots – fabulous idea! And thank you so much for the little recipe tags – I agree, these would make great gifts!

  4. Of all the homesteading skills I have learned over the years I never tried fermenting because I thought it was so complicated! Thanks to you I think I am going to start! What an easy way to preserve those carrots! Thanks for sharing on the Farm Fresh Tuesdays Blog Hop!

    1. Yes, I know it’s way too easy! I too thought it was complicated somehow! Glad this post helped you to get started! Thanks for stopping by!

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