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  1. Thank you so much for posting this! I already have an Instant Pot and it is literally collecting dust. I have the yogurt making version but I’ve been super intimidated. I haven’t wanted to take the time to learn. But the part about the mashed potatoes could be a game changer for me! Also I would love to make the Farmhouse on Boone’s chicken salad recipes so maybe putting the chicken in the Instant Pot could save a lot of time! I almost sold mine on Facebook marketplace but I’m so glad you did this post!!

  2. I still don’t have one and at this point I am just doing it to be difficult. I do have a stovetop pressure cooker and a yogurt maker so I am going to pretend I have one anyway.

  3. Thanks for the review. I’ve been wanting to make yogurt myself but never get myself around to it. This sounds great for that purpose. I probably wouldn’t cook a young chicken in one of these – I love crispy skin – but I can see putting my ole getting-nasty roo in here. Yes, I will be buying one… now that my pantry is built, there’s storage room for it. I bet it makes a good brisket and won’t take the 10 or 11 hours it takes in my slow cooker – which was a wonderful way of cooking that prior to retirement when I’d be gone that long during the day. Don’t need to wait that long any more!

  4. I’m like you, Jennifer…I wasn’t sold on buying an Instapot. My friends rave over them, but I like to wait for the trends to fade and then see if the item is still popular. Sounds like this has been a good deal for your family. 🙂

    I might just ask for one for as a gift or look for a deal. If I could replace my yogurt maker and crockpot with one appliance, that would be a bonus! Thanks for sharing on Farm Fresh Tuesdays!

    1. Thanks Lisa! Yes, I also am hesitant of trends! I have heard that they don’t work well as a slow cooker even though that is one of the appliances they claim to replace. The heating element operates differently and so the results are not as good in that application.

  5. I used to make homemade yogurt! You’re the first person to tell me I could do it with an insta pot. I use old fashioned pressure cookers for anything that needs a quick blast off, but sure can’t make yogurt in those!

    1. Yes, you should make sure it has the yogurt setting if you are just buying one. Otherwise, I am not sure how you do it exactly, I think you could do it on a keep warm setting or something, but I am not sure on that!

  6. THANK YOU! Finally, someone actually tackles the question of whether the Instant Pot is a good investment. I know they’re all the rage, but does it make sense to have one more appliance? Based on your tips, I’d say it’s a good investment for me (I’m a terrible meal planner!).

    Thanks so much for joining the Grace at Home party at Imparting Grace. I’m featuring you this week!

    1. Thank you! I know it’s not for everyone, I’m glad my findings helped you as well! Thank you for featuring my blog!

  7. Love these tips, Jennifer, and congrats on your feature at Imparting Grace! I have an IP, but I don’t use it nearly enough. However, it’s a perfect appliance for those with no kitchen or a tiny kitchen! Would love to have you come link-up at Tuesday Turn About. We close tomorrow nite, 12am CST! Hope to see you there!

  8. My daughter had one and loved it. I was always afraid it would blow thru the roof like the old pressure cookers did when I was a child. She’d never heard those stories so being afraid of it didn’t occur to her. I finally bought one and although I was nervous about using it, I finally did and I love it!!

    1. Yes, I have never used one of the old pressure cookers, so I didn’t have the fear either. Then the first time I did the quick pressure release I was like…oh my word, that is a lot of pressure!!!

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