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    Hi, thank you for the easy direction for fermenting!
    I have tried fermenting twice, both times resulted in mold. I think it was my house: built poorly in 1945, gaps everywhere to the outside. I chose to ferment close to a floor oil furnace vent to the underside of my house, (open to the outside air), mostly for the heat as I tried this in winter. Now, after much deferred maintenance including a new foundation, I am ready to try again. The furnace register has been “plugged” up, so no air from under the house …also no heat for the past 5 years. Sorry for all the details, I just thought it might help you answer my question.
    I had the glass weights, however, they would just sink…One batch I tried had 3 of them as they kept sinking!
    So…just HOW do you keep them from sinking? I tried both sizes. I don’t ‘do’ regular mouth jars, only the wide mouth. I’d love to try again, but I have basically tried every way to keep food from molding by covering: bag with water, other glass jar, weights, etc..
    The first ferment I tried was in a fermenting crock and wooden top…it molded, too.
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Carol! The first thing that comes to mind is that you are not packing your jars tightly enough. Air is the enemy of preservation. Really pack the carrots or beets or whatever in there tightly. I tend to make a mess when I pour the liquid brine in there as I usually pour too much in and when I add the weight, some liquid will pour out. Also, make sure you have the specified amount of salt in the brine as that is also key to keeping mold away. Check on it from time to time to ensure that every bit of the vegetable is covered in brine, about 3 tbs salt per quart of water. Hopefully that helps! A friend of mine makes sauerkraut in a huge crock and just keeps it down in his cellar where it is nice and cool. He covers the top with a big cabbage leaf and then a plastic yogurt lid shoved down in there to keep everything submerged.

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