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  1. Love it! So simple! I totally want to try it.
    For some reason I thought vinegar would be involved in this. Am I making it up that fermenting often times uses vinegar?

    1. Yes, I know I always thought vinegar was needed as well! It’s not though, the veggies make their own sort of vinegar. I hope you try it!

  2. We have been trying to eat more red cabbage because of the extra health benefits. This is brilliant and beautiful!

  3. Oh yes! I used to do this every year when I was younger for about 20 years. My grandma had told me how to do it but her son, my dad explained the tips. Husband and I used my great grandma’s 90 year old crock that she had also used for kraut and for preserving smoked pork chops buried in lard! Husband was skeptical until he tasted the sweetness of homemade versus bitter store bought canned. One year it didn’t ferment and I asked my dad. Why? He asked me what day I put all the cabbage in the crock. I told him and he got up and went to look at his calendar and came back laughing. Now I’m mad. When he stopped laughing he told me I started it during the wrong cycle of the moon! He passed away about 20years ago and I went through on extreme illness, where I was in a coma for 2 weeks. Now, I can’t remember what cycle but my husband said he thinks it is a full moon as cabbage grows above ground (i.e. therefore light, not underground which would mean darkness, as in the dark of the moon). Anyways I haven’t made it in years as nobody except us like to eat any form of sauerkraut anymore (both of our parents have all died and they all loved it). Our kids hated it. For many years I did canning, preserving, baking and solely home cooked meals. I miss all of that but have started strictly home cooking again as I have almost recovered from my long term illness!

    1. Martha, so glad to hear that you have nearly recovered! Good old-fashioned home cooking! That is interesting about the moon, I have heard of that for planting but never fermenting! Thank you for sharing!

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