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  1. I did this briefly last summer for 3 biweekly shipments. It was so hot and the USPS didn’t deliver stuff promptly so stuff was wilted. Broccoli had completely gone to yellow flowers and some stuff was just unusable. Stuff was very well packed and I used the box insulation for craft projects. It encouraged me to try new veggies and they even had recipes on their site.

    1. Thank you for sharing, I have wondered how it would go in summer. I will say I think they have improved over the last year. My last box had the insulation and a frozen ice pack, so everything was nice and cool. I doubt we will need it much in the summer as we grow a lot of produce ourselves then. It’s a nice service for now though1

  2. John and I like the misfits market. We order the smaller box, $22 every other week. It’s the perfect size for us and we are enjoying trying new vegetables that we normally would not try. Everything has been fresh and delicious.This morning I made a delicious breakfast using 2 Portabella caps and fresh kale. 🥰

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