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  1. my chicken loves these eggshells and eats a lot every day. how many eggshells can a chicken eat each day? I’m afraid she’s eating too much.

    1. Hi there, it’s hard for me to know what you mean by a lot. Eggshells should be fed free choice meaning, not mixed with the feed. I would fill a separate container or sprinkle on the ground approximately a ladle full each day. Usually a chicken will not eat more than they need. Very young pullets and roosters do not need egg shells as they are not laying eggs, therefore they don’t need a calcium supplement. Hope that helps!

      1. a fox has been attacking my flock, so I only have one chicken right now. if I fill a bowl with 1 or 2 crumbled egg shells, she will eat them all every day, so now I only put out out 1/2 shell at a time and she gobbles it up. the shells of the eggs she lays seem strong. I’m trying to decide how many eggshell per day would cause calcium toxicity

        1. Unfortunately I cannot find a specific number of shells, I’ve searched my books. It is my understanding that toxicity only occurs when the calcium supplement is mixed in with the feed. Most commercial feeds already have some sort of calcium supplement anyway. If you are offering it free choice, she really should only eat what she needs. One or two shells shouldn’t be overdoing it. Their bodies produce the eggs overnight so you may notice that she gobbles them up later in the day? I’m sorry I cannot give you a more solid answer.

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