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  1. What a wonderful reminder to just live your life and focus on the everyday things. There will always be something shiny and new, but chasing them leaves you wanting more. So stop chasing and enjoy today and remember to be grateful with what you have. Just in case tomorrow doesn’t come 🙂

  2. I do have one tip to add to your idea about getting rid of clothing that no longer fits, etc. How do you “get rid” of them. When the clothing is still wearable most of us give it to friends and family or local charities or we consign it.
    But what to do if it’s ripped or stained? Don’t throw it away but rip it into rags! Keep the rags in a handy place and use one when you’re tempted to grab a paper towel. Keep the soiled rags in a handy spot so you can easily add them to a load of washing. I have one large rag that I keep in a gallon bag. That one is earmarked for draining bacon and after each use I wash it and slip it back into that bag. Using the rag tip, I was able to go 7 months without purchasing a roll of paper towels!

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