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  1. Thanks–I needed this!!! I think I will make two, so when one is dirty, I will have a clean one!

    1. Donna, I am so glad this was helpful! Making two is a great idea! I made two, and am thinking I want to make a third to give as a gift!

  2. You are clever Jenn. Great idea. We are in autumn here in Western Australia so very hot but promises of cooler weather so need to get plants in ready for Spring.

  3. Jenn, this is the most adorable apron!! Love the farmhouse style print of the fabric. And I love the pair of scissors you have pictured! I realize you probably didn’t use those for the project, but I’m crazy about the look of vintage-style scissors. Can you share where you got them?

  4. Hi Jennifer, I’ll be sharing a link to your post this week. I am starting up my gardening posts and this fits right in 🙂 Thanks, Marie This Dear Casa

  5. I so enjoy your advice and techniques to homesteading and homemaking.
    This is something I want for my daughter and her husband.
    On this page at the end, I would love to have copies of the two different planners that are on this page. the Etsy link doesn’t work.
    please let me know where I can purchase them.

    thank you

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