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  1. I have a small family and half of the time my son doesn’t eat with us (he’s in college)…but I still try to make meals that will feed us twice.

    Our favorites:
    sloppy Joes
    home-canned chicken & winter veg soup
    roast chicken with potatoes, carrots, and salad
    veggie tacos
    omelets with lots of veggies

    1. Lisa, Thank you for sharing your favorites! I forgot about sloppy joes!! I am adding that to my list! Omelettes are a go-to around here too! My husband whips up some delicious ones on Sundays! Thanks for stopping by too!

  2. You’re my type of friend!! I too buy pre-made sometimes. Breaded Tilapia with fries, I use my air fryer to heat them. Yup, I have frozen pizzas too. I’m an empty nester and no excuse right not to have time for fixed meals? That would be true if I could pull myself away from blogging, 8-10 hrs a day plus my soap business I’d have plenty of time. 😂 great post! Great ideas and ❤️ How you tell it like it is❤️❤️

    1. Jersey, Thank you for the encouragement! Glad to hear I’m not the only one who pulls out the frozen fish! I know you put in tons of time with blogging, that is certainly a legitimate excuse!! Have a great week!

  3. You have laid out a peaceful way of making dinner. Any family would be wise to take at least one of your suggestions. I have always said the worst part of dinner is thinking of what to cook. When you HAVE staples your family likes or staples to make a meal you don’t need a recipe card for, it makes for a restful meal making time. Having a meal chart of family favorites has helped me a lot too! My goto, don’t have to think meal is baked chicken and a veggie…we probably have this at least once a week and it is a fine Sunday meal with added mashed potatoes (sometimes instant)! I only have 3 children at home right now but when all the grand-kids are here to eat, there are 18 of us and the method you have laid out works whether there are 2 people or 30. The bread recipe links you gave in this post look easy and look like they will make a soft dough…people should give them a try! I love my 5 min. Naan recipe, probably will not give that one up. I could live off of soup, salad, bread and one pot meals.

  4. This is such a fantastic post! So many helpful hints! I absolutely love the title as well. I had never thought of trying rice in the Instant Pot! Mine basically collects dust in the cabinet, I really should use it more. Also, I don’t want to know how bad fish sticks are…putting my fingers in my ears!

  5. Hey Jenn,

    Thanks for sharing your helpful tips with us! We are just a family of 5, and sometimes I feel stuck in the “always making the same things” rut, but as you said, if you’re family likes it, they don’t mind eating it often. My kids could seriously live off of homemade quesadillas every day for lunch if I would let them lol.

    One thing I’ve had to give myself a break on was also buying some “pre-made” stuff like frozen pizzas from time to time. I used to be so adamant about not buying pre-made food, but as reality really set in, I realize that us mamas/wives are so busy, and quite frankly, sometimes I just DON’T want to cook, at all!

    Oh girl, and don’t even get me started on fish sticks! They are my childhood (and adulthood) all-time favorite comfort food. I’m always tempted every time I go to Costco to buy the Trident bag of frozen fish sticks. Sometimes, temptation wins there. 😂


    1. Hi Cherelle! Yes, I had to give myself a break on the pre-made stuff. I too would refuse, and found myself really stressing myself to get a chicken de-boned and cut up on a night when I was already wiped out. My husband is always the voice of reason…he is the one that encouraged me to give my self permission to have a few cheats! Truly stress most likely causes more illness than a few fish sticks ever did! Ha!

  6. I love it! So great to share with each other. Sometimes I just want to see what others eat and change up our staples a bit! Thanks for sharing. <3

  7. I love this post. My favorite part was when you listed out your meals. Sometimes I have the hardest time thinking of something new to make, even really simple things like tacos or such, I just forget about them!

  8. Great tips! I already do some of these things, but I’m definitely implementing making a list of meal ideas and trying rice in my pressure cooker. I cook beans all the time but never thought about using it for rice. Also going to try making the Pumpkin Bundt Cake tonight for a get together! Thanks!

  9. Jenn, this is one of the best posts I’ve read in a long time. Seriously!! I’ve pinned it, and I’ll be referring to it. I don’t have a large family to feed, but I’m like you in that I’m a lousy meal planner (and I want to get better at it!).

    Thanks so much for joining the Grace at Home party at Imparting Grace. I’m featuring you this week!

    1. Richella, Thank you so much for your kind words and the feature! I am in the midst of trying to get better at meal planning too, at least for the next two weeks! Company coming and Thanksgiving!!

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