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  1. Hi – I totally agree with you. Freedom is not Free and we need to continue to pray for our Nation. I love all your patriotic decor and ideas.
    God Bless America!

  2. When one displays our nation’s flag day and night it is essential that it be lighted at night to show respect. Just thought you’d like to know this bit of flag etiquette. In another life, I was in charge of our flag displays state-wide.

  3. The state of our great nation right now is very distressing. We need all of the patriotism we can get. I love all of your ideas, especially seeing your red barn decorated with our glorious American flag. I’m ordering a giant American flag to hang on our lake house. We already have a flag pole in the yard and patriotic bunting on our deck and front porch. I really enjoyed seeing all of your patriotic projects. USA!

    1. Thank you so much for this comment! Praying for this great nation! I bed your lake house looks amazing!

  4. Love these ideas especially the painted rug and pillow covers. We need to pray for American and all Patriots, may God Bless America. Thank you Jenn for saying it out-loud. Have a fun holiday.

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