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  1. I do a lot of tournament fishing and two of my favorite scents to mask doors and attract fish are garlic and anise. As long as you are using real oils, fish love them (they sell them at bait and tackle places and they work, granted they also sell other far more disgusting stuff like fish and shrimp oils, and they work too, but you wouldn’t want to put them in a sunscreen). Oh, and I don’t recommend using the duff from the tackle store in the sunscreen, but look for real oils that are food grade for the sunscreen, the fresher the better. Using commercial sunscreens can really turn off fish and ruin your day on the water, at a time when you need sunscreens the most. So if you have a fisherman in your life that doesn’t mind smelling like garlic or anise (I usually smell like both at the end of the day anyway), you can add them to this awesome simple yet effective sunscreen recipe and then that person ( who loves to fish), will be far more likely to apply the sunscreen and not worry about turning off the fish. If they don’t like the garlic, just go with the anise or vise versa. Thanks for sharing Jenn, great recipe and advice.

  2. I didn’t even know you could make sunscreen at home! Great post, Jenn, and that is interesting to think about protecting yourself from the inside out!

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