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  1. Love your cute printables, Jenn! It is fun to learn new things 🙂
    I haven’t used Illustrator, but I enjoy messing around with Canva for free to make fun images. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you, Jennifer! GREAT printables!!!!

    So sorry you lost your grandmother. But wow – she lived to be 101! (Just to compare, my grandma’s had passed before I was even born – and my dear mom died at 59! So the face your GMa lived such a long life is amazing! May she rest in peace till you see her again. ♥

    As for your teeth woes- ouch ouch ouch! Hope you mend quickly.

    Take care and baby yourself a little bit, ok?

  3. I have to tell you how sad for you to lose such a loved family member, Grandma’s are simply the best, so glad she had a good,long life.
    I love all your posts and although I don’t always take time to comment, they always make me feel better somehow, it takes me back to busy family life, wonderful days.x

  4. Your printables are lovely. I am your kind of gardener. I start with enthusiasm and fade out. I have learned, though, to mulch with severall layers of newspaper (not the colored ads) soon after I plant and that helps keep my weeds down. Here is Maine, there is a running joke: Why to people keep their car doors locked in August? So their neighbors can’t fill their backseats with zucchini!

  5. These are beautiful! I really like the blue pumpkins! Congrats on your accomplishments on Adobe Illustrator. I would like to get it, and try my hand at printables, just hard to find the extra time.

  6. These are just so lovely that I had to pick them for a feature this week. Thanks for sharing them. I have yet to try Adobe Illustrator so I will cheer for you for learning something new. I had to laugh about the garden. I do that too every year in my small raised beds and they look awful this year from neglect. Maybe next year… #HomeMattersParty

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