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    1. Don’t ya just hate it when someone posts something and doesn’t answer you back? Poor communication skills

      1. Well, I somehow missed Sherry’s comment. I’m sure you have never missed an email, just a human here offering free content on the internet. Doing my best. The post states that it lasts for about a week in the fridge, you know about as long as milk or cream would last.

  1. 5 stars
    Thank you for posting all of the different flavors and instructions. Looking forward to trying all flavors and creating new ones.

      1. Do you have a recipe for a Chocolate Carmel creamer ?
        It’s one of our favorite flavors but it just gets so expensive nowadays

        1. I don’t, however, you could definitely make your own caramel, I use the recipe from bellyful and then I also make a quick chocolate syrup. I would imagine that mixing those in would give you a yummy creamer!

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