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  1. Great post Jenn. I believe a clean home makes a happy home. At least in my home. I love making the bed like a hotel, having an empty sink at night and laundry put away. Not my favorite to do. But it makes a body feel good to have structure.

  2. Your words have much wisdom, my friend, and I couldn’t agree with your more about being a homemaker! God is good to let both my daughter and DIL be able to stay home and do just what you are saying!

  3. Oh how I needed to read this tonight, Jenn. As we get ready to take the baby of our family off to out-of-state college, I have felt so lost. This seriously was what I needed to hear, so thank you.

    1. I’m so glad this has encouraged you! I need to be reminded of this stuff over and over! Repeat after me, our job is vital!

  4. I love this Jenn! Sadly, homemaking has seemed like a lost art, but I have hope that once again it will be prioritized. Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!

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