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  1. Jennifer wow such a beautiful post and written so beautifully. You really nailed it on the head. I don’t know why we try so hard to be different now a days. My dad always said, why would women want to be treated like men? Its a downgrade, they would hate it! Anyway, like you said we are equal but different and that’s okay (and should be embraced)

  2. Alexa, Your dad sounds like mine! I love that…it’s a downgrade! My husband will tell me things he or one of the other guys at work said to each other…Oh my goodness! You or I would never tell another woman that she’s fat and needs to lay off the donuts! Men, they say that stuff all the time, and no one gets their feelings hurt!

  3. This is a wonderful message, beautifully written Jenn! I feel like it comes down to the two words that you mentioned..God’s design. Its all right there in the manual, either we embrace or reject it and if we chose to embrace it, its a beautiful thing!

  4. The diary from the wife and husband’s perspective made me laugh out loud. I’m so very thankful that I was able to stay home with my children. Thank you so much for sharing this series, Jenn.

  5. I am proud of you for putting into words what so many women (and men) have thought but been hesitant to speak. Society has a way of silencing those who don’t agree with what is being “pushed.” I couldn’t agree more with everything you’ve written!!! God knows better than we do; let’s just admit that and enjoy the life we’ve been gifted.

  6. I really enjoyed your first article in this series, despite having to fight through an overabundance of ads that continued to pop up and play constantly. It was very distracting. Still, I loved your perspective and wanted to read more so I went on to attempt to read the Part 2, but couldn’t even make it in because of all the ads popping up. It was disappointing. Even trying to write this comment, I have had so many videos and ads pop up! Anyway, I am sure you probably need them for ad revenue, and I am not faulting you for it. I only wanted to say that if you are trying to reach the most women, this will definitely dissuade some and prevent them from reading your wonderfully encouraging writing.
    Thank you for your time in putting these truths out there to other homemakers that might be feeling discouraged in their work.

    1. I appreciate the feedback. I went for several years with no ads as I personally don’t care for them either. Eventually I caved and got an ad service to help pay for the cost of running the blog. I don’t want them to be distracting and honestly I didn’t think I had pop-up videos so I need to check the settings on that. I usually look at my blog on a computer so the ads are far less distracting than they are on a phone. Thank you again for bringing it to my attention!

      1. I did not think of just reading on the laptop! It probably is much better so thank you for mentioning that. Even now coming back to this comment ads keep filling my little screen! haha
        Again, thank you for your encouragement and good work! So many women do not have someone like you to guide and encourage them, so I am sure you will be a blessing to many more women trying to do the Lord’s work.

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