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  1. Question- Have you ever added cornstarch to your essential oils to get the scent to stick more? Also, have you tried adding citric acid to the soap for extra cleaning power?

    1. I have not yet tried the cornstarch, my understanding is that it acts as a scent fixative. Arrowroot powder or clay would work the same. I would like to test it on my next soap batch as my fragrances dissipate! The citric acid is used to help combat soap scum I believe. For this, you would definitely want to use a lye calculator as it will neutralize and consume some of the lye. If you don’t account for the lost lye, your soap will be extra superfatted and will then be somewhat slimy. We have soft water so I have not tried this. However, I made liquid dish soap with lemon essential oil and noticed that my glasses are extra sparkly, so I’m wondering if the lemon has a similar effect!
      So a long answer to say, no, I have not tried either personally! Ha!

    1. Always use a soap calculator to determine changes 🙂 You can find one at soapcalc and on brambleberry websites

  2. Excited to make this!
    stupid question – are the amounts in weight or volume? and can I use peppermint EO as a scent? thank you!

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