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  1. Question- Have you ever added cornstarch to your essential oils to get the scent to stick more? Also, have you tried adding citric acid to the soap for extra cleaning power?

    1. I have not yet tried the cornstarch, my understanding is that it acts as a scent fixative. Arrowroot powder or clay would work the same. I would like to test it on my next soap batch as my fragrances dissipate! The citric acid is used to help combat soap scum I believe. For this, you would definitely want to use a lye calculator as it will neutralize and consume some of the lye. If you don’t account for the lost lye, your soap will be extra superfatted and will then be somewhat slimy. We have soft water so I have not tried this. However, I made liquid dish soap with lemon essential oil and noticed that my glasses are extra sparkly, so I’m wondering if the lemon has a similar effect!
      So a long answer to say, no, I have not tried either personally! Ha!

    1. Always use a soap calculator to determine changes 🙂 You can find one at soapcalc and on brambleberry websites

    1. hi, I know this is an older blog post but the accompanying YouTube video appears to have uploaded incorrectly – only the first few seconds play, and then it’s over. I just tried your beginner soap recipe and loved it! For this lard soap do you have a recommendation on how much EO to use if one were to add some?

  2. Excited to make this!
    stupid question – are the amounts in weight or volume? and can I use peppermint EO as a scent? thank you!

  3. 5 stars
    I tried making lard soap twice.First time went to trace immediately because my lye water was too cold (I had my water frozen) and the whole thing did not mix well,having some spots with lard in it.Second time I replaced the water with concentrated coffee,cold but not frozen.Took forever to get it to trace,and then was too thick all of a sudden.This batch is better,but the heavy lard scent is too strong,even with the coffee and coffee essential oils in it (I probably didn’t use enough essential oil).I have a very sensitive nose,and certain things make me gag or even throw up.I can tell who’s wearing what based on the smell of the clothes,and most ‘naturally unscented’ things don’t go well with me.
    I will try making this recipe, but I see that is using a very small amount of lye.Mine was way higher,even though I only used 16 oz of lard,and made it at 8% superfat.May I know why?
    like I said,I am a super beginner at soap making,and trying to learn as much as I can.I would like to add some clay too in my next batch.Any chance you would know how much should be added to this recipe?
    Thank you.

    1. You must melt your fats and oils before mixing with the lye solution. I suspect you have your temperature too low overall. Try watching the video of me making soap. You can add clay usually about 1 tsp of clay per pound of soap. Mix the clay with a bit of water to make it smooth and then add in before trace. Always double check a recipe with a lye calculator, that is how I came up with the amount of lye to use. Different amounts of fats will require a different amount of lye.

  4. 5 stars
    Made it with French green clay and goat milk instead of water, and came out amazing.It is curing now. Can’t wait to use it. Thank you.

  5. I made your lard soap today and poured it into Pringle tubes – Oh, and I doubled the recipe, it filled three Pringle tubes! I processed it at about 10am and cut it about 5pm, as it had hardened. It looked and felt perfect. This will be my go to soap! Love it. I will report back in 4 wks to let you know how it looks and feels. This was such a simple recipe for me (a beginner), thank you so much.

    1. Yay! This made my day! I have never tried to unmold it before 24 hours, even though it was hard enough, there is a risk that saponification is not complete. I’m glad it worked out for you! Thank you for taking the time to let me know how it went! Smart on reusing the pringles containers too! So did you just cut the whole container open? I’m curious!

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