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  1. I just unmolded my batch this morning and when in a few hours later cut and it was VERY sweaty. Is this normal with freezing bars?

    1. That is interesting, I did a quick search and that is common with soaps that contain glycerin…which thiis one doesn’t. It has to do with humidity, so it could be removing it from the freezer and then placing it in a humid environment caused the sweating? I’m not sure. I believe the soap is fine, you can blot it with a paper towel and then just make sure to cure it in a low humidy room. I haven’t had this happen. Maybe next time only leave it in the freezer for a short time or perhaps just let it stay at room temperature and let it go through gel phase.

    1. Hi there, apparently there is much debate about which way is “correct”. Technically either way is safe as far as chemical reaction. I’m not actually sure I do it the same way every time either. I think it depends on the size of my containers. From what I’ve read the splash potential is greater pouring the oils into the lye so there’s that to consider. Thanks for asking!

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