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  1. Please note: soap recipes are VERY SPECIFIC with regard to ingredients and they should NOT be altered without first checking with a soap calculator.
    So, by that criteria, the “additives” are NOT optional, yes? It appears, by how the post was written, that they are optional, the fact they are NOT should be mentioned.

    No fragrance oils in this, only essential oils which are much better and healthier for you.
    This is a very nice recipe.

    1. As far as the additives go, they can be optional, they don’t change the amount of lye needed. The saponification ingredients are the lye and the oils, you must always check a soap calculator if you plan to change any oils or any oil amounts as if you don’t the recipe could come out very lye heavy and burn you or it could turn out with too little lye. The additives like oatmeal, charcoal and pumice don’t change the amount of lye needed. I hope that makes sense. All that to say if you don’t want to add pumice it is fine to leave it out, the same with charcoal or oatmeal.

  2. What are the exact measurements of the essential oils? Is it 2oz of each oil or 2oz total of combined oil? You mentioned it is primarily pine so I would like to get the scent right. Thank you!!
    By the way, LOVE your blog!! I stumbled across it looking for a sewing project and got lost in your posts and found this soap recipe! Thank you for helping out a fellow homesteader with some fun winter projects!

    1. Thank you so much! I am not terribly precise I do about 1 oz of the pine and then split the other ounce between the other fragrances! I hope that helps! The pine is definitely the primary scent!

  3. do you have another source for essential oils? i can’t figure out how you were able to make the soap so cheaply! those oils are expensive

    1. Yes, they are expensive now, they have gone up some. I do buy some locally that is a bit cheaper. The other thing that I calculated was the fact that you don’t use all of the bottle and you can make a few batches of soap with what you buy!

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