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  1. 5 stars
    I like the size of the recipe, I made four smaller loaves and gave them to neighbors. They were happy to receive such a different treat. It’s a family tradition. My Croatian grandmother made a huge one every Christmas. She used half graham crackers in the filling instead of all walnuts, I suspect because walnuts cost so much. So of course. I carry on the tradition. Brings back warm memories.

  2. I used to make politica with my neighbor when I was a CR child. She was Croatian. I was not. It was the best dessert ever. We shortened it to calling it puttoo. Not sure if a good spelling. My “ other mother “ taught me how to make it once but never tried until this year. I am amazed by the flavor. It is just as I remember. Hopefully I’ll continue to make this!!

  3. I love this bread. The last time I had this good bread was at my Bishop Ward Class Reunion. I can not find it in Southern CA. My hometown-KCK -Helen

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