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  1. These are such fantastic tips. I think the longer you homeschool the more relaxed about a lot of it you become, especially those early years. We are nearing the end our our homeschool journey. My youngest is a senior and will graduate in May. All four of my children were homeschooled from kindergarten until graduation and I’m proud to say they all have a love for learning. The older three older are all in college from PhD studies on down and have transitioned well and I have no doubt the youngest will to. I miss the days when we gathered around and learned together. Cherish these moments, they are gone too soon.

    1. Thank you Elise! That is so encouraging! Yes, time has a great way of helping us to be less uptight about things! My oldest sons taking placement tests and starting at the Jr. College has helped as well! They scored well above average. It just reinforces that yes, we are doing enough and it’s going to be ok!!

  2. Homeschooling was my greatest joy. I loved every minute. We used Little House books too as well as Tasha Tudor. We didn’t have the internet until my son’s last 2 years and that was limited. Great read Jenn.

  3. I love this post 🙂 I want to homeschool but my husband isn’t quite there. So I am waiting, and researching, and love seeing little glimpses like this.

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