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  1. You did a great job on this tote bag!! I love that you reinvented a shower curtain! Once, I used a large piece of fabric as a shower curtain, then as a backdrop, then I reupholstered some antique rockers with it! So fun to reuse and repurpose! Pinned!

    1. Thank you Cindy! I love repurposing things too! It’s a good inexpensive way to get a large yardage of fabric too!

  2. Hi Jennifer, your totes are just adorable. I especially love that summery gold floral and ticking stripe! Thanks for sharing your DIY and tips with us. I’m featuring your post on All About Home this evening!

    1. Yes, that is how it’s done. The handles are attached between the lining and the top, it looks very neat on the finished bag.

    1. For the Straps, you will need to cut two pieces 5″ wide by 24″ long. Those are then folded in half and sewn and turned rightside out and pressed. When you attach them to the bag you can make them shorter if you wish.

  3. I was wondering when you see the first two initial sides together, are you sewing the 20” sides or 21” sides? Maybe you said it, but I didn’t see it in the directions. Thanks!

  4. so I’m not really and expect here, but! You’re missing a few steps and important instructions. first if all, I think it would have be a lot easier to do the pocket BEFORE you sew the sides and press the seams. also, you when sewing the pocket, you didn’t give the seam allowance to put the 2 pieces of 9×22 together. you only gave the allowance to place the pocket. …this is Currently all the further along I am at the moment…

    1. You sure can attach the pocket first. I didn’t find it any trouble to stitch it on after, the bag is plenty big. I am not a professional seamstress and the seam allowance for stitching the two pocket pieces together is missing, I’m not a perfectinist and probably just eyeballed it to be honest. The bag can be custom to your desires, make the pocket whatever size you want. Use a 1/4″ allowance and you should be fine. Sorry the tutorial is lacking to you.

  5. I love this bag and the yellow fabric. It may be easier to sew the right sides of the lining together, leaving an opening in the lining, then turn the whole bag right side out and top stitch the opening. A little more finished looking and also stronger!

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