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  1. Super sweet! Love all your farmhouse decor ideas. And I literally laughed at the fly tape. I so hate to have them hanging in the kitchen but such is country life…and kids. We also happen to live next door to a 2,000+ cow dairy…that certainly doesnt help! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I too love old windows. My husband and I took a long drive (which we hardly do due to working all the time) and picked up some old windows. I painted the outside and mercury glassed one and hung a magnolia wreath on it. It was very cheap and we had a good time on the road trip. Love all your ideas!!

  3. I have many of the these things. Especially baskets. My daughter, the one who does roller derby, said if I was a roller girl my name would have to be Basket Chase! The fly tape made me laugh out loud. Guilty myself of that.

  4. I love your home! So pretty and cozy!! I love old windows and baskets too! Thankfully we don’t need the fly tape here!! But that means we don’t have any sweet cows to look at either!

  5. Beautiful and inspiring! I’ve always dreamed of living in an old farmhouse…but I don’t think it is going to happen. I will just have to decorate my house in that style!

    Congrats on your feature on the Simple Homestead Hop!

    I hope you will share your talent with us this week on Farm Fresh Tuesdays!

    1. Lisa, thank you! I didn’t even know I was featured! Thanks for the heads up! So thankful for such a supportive group!

  6. Jennifer, I love reading your posts! They’re honest, funny and give a glimpse into your life. I love that you started with a gentle reminder of remaining content with what we have and where we’re at in life! That’s the #1 rule in life, farmhouse or not!! I’m unfamiliar with fly tape but suffer when summer hits with the flies coming in. Tell me more…

    1. Ha! Fly tape is just a stick strip that you unroll and hang from the ceiling. The flys stick to it and can’t fly away. It is really rather gruesome! Thank you for the kind words!

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