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  1. Very inspiring. My mother worked while I was growing up and she always said “well I could have stayed home with you, but we wouldn’t have been able to have this house.” I love her dearly and we are still close… but I have never forgotten that statement and the message it sent me.

  2. Oh this is so so good! I spent so many years being discontent in our home. If only I had realized it for the treasure it is. I only saw what it wasn’t, it wasn’t big, it wasn’t perfect, it wasn’t .. fill in the blank. Now we are still in the exact same home and I have such a different attitude. Thank God He began a work on my heart and helped me to see everything that my home is! It’s adorable, its cozy, it’s wonderful and full of memories! Thank you for such a great blog post!

  3. Your posts are always what I need, a reminder. You are a very kind and thoughtful person. Thank you for sharing. xo new friend, for you, I am grateful 🙂

  4. Dang it, girl. You’ve left me in tears! I sometimes wonder if there are women out there in the world who have their heads on straight and their hearts in proper order, and then you post something like this! I love your words. Thank you.

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