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  1. This is a “BLESSING” beyond measure!! I have no space so this is awesome to me!

    why don’t you leave the coffee table as is and just distress it. Or go over it with a “white” or “antique white” paint and then distress it. Or make it a focal point and paint it a barn red barn green, that would be fun too. With or without distressing. it would be a way of adding a pop of color, unless you are looking for monocromattic.

    With my submission to your website i used my office email ([email protected] But working from home now, please send to [email protected]

    thanks and good luck to you with many Blessing to come your wayi! Ann Marie

  2. A before picture would be nice, and also, one which shows the outside and how large it is…just thoughts. Nice you now have room for fun! My barn is used for livestock!

    1. Hi there Carol! Thank you, at the end of my post I share the link to four previous posts about the barn. They give the whole story, repeating it and sharing those pictures seemed a bit redundant. If you are interested check those out!

  3. Hi Jenn, just saw your barn loft tour and noticed also that you asked for suggestions about the coffee table…
    What about painting it? Maybe the color of the barn doors or another complimentary color? Ive painted lots of furniture and it cleans up and wears surprisingly well and if you antiqued it with a glaze, it would add even more durability.

    1. Yes, thank you! I love suggestions! I have thought about painting it a grey color and then using a liming glaze. Other times I like the black…and think it may look nice if I change to lighter colored chairs. The black right now seems to just blend in too much.

  4. This is such a fantastic space, Jenn. I can only imagine how nice it was to finally finish this! I can’t believe that was seven months ago. Also I like that you included the pros and the cons. Any major home project includes both! Too bad the warranty didn’t include those floor repairs. Good thing your father-in-law gave you all the suggestion about painting both sides of the doors! Looks so great!

  5. Very nice post and video, we enjoy the loft also. ❤️ The view from the back door overlooking the farm and pond is breathtaking. Your family is so blessed to have this. 🥰
    Love, Mom

  6. I love it!! So practical all the uses you have for it! Especially as a guest space. I know o appreciate a little separation like that when I’m a guest on someone’s

  7. What an amazing space! It’s definitely a blessing to have a place for all the things you listed using it for. I hope that painting the doors fixes the warping issues.

  8. This is my kind of space! I love it when form and function marry. You did a beautiful job and I’m glad it gives your family some much-needed space. I also like that you added your disappointments. No matter how well-thought out a home project is, I think there are always some of those. Thanks for letting us learn from yours.

  9. This is nice space. It is very bland. Maybe some cheerful fabrics tied over the pillows and definitely a color on the table. ( a deeper version of the doors?) The door color is nice, maybe that color mixed with the brown of the couch and another brighter color…blue, yellow or coral or green? This is supposed to be a fun space. whitewashing the table would just be even more bland. Some real or faux (no care) trees and plants would be nice. People sell these things a t estate sales or even CL. Nice job though and I bet the kiddos are thrilled. Some prints either side of the window. Sorry, designer here.

    1. Well Jill, thank you for your expert designer input! I suppose I enjoy bland because this space fits us well and brings me joy! I do change the pillow covers out from time to time with some different patterns. Somehow we still manage to have fun up here even without bright colors! I do agree that some greenery would be nice. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for the right ones!

  10. Looks good and so glad you have it!!! The coffee table could be painted and lighted up the area. Maybe a barn-colored red with an over tone of black. You have done a wonderful job!!!

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