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  1. You’re right, the new barn is much prettier. Plus one id actually feel safe letting my kids into😅. I can’t wait to see what the upper level of the barn is like!! As well as the inside lower level….any animals in there?

  2. Love it Jenn, what a nice post!! It’s so clean and crisp. Not that I don’t love old barns, but sometimes we need functionality over looks. There were a few pics that when I hovered, the whole thing turned into a Pinterest button. lol gotta love glitches!

    Keep up the good work new friend.

    Jersey xo

  3. It’s soooo pretty now! I really loved the part about tearing down the old one, as we have an old house on property that is gross. I go shall try brute force and ignorance.

  4. This is so exciting! Love the red y’all decided on. Can’t wait to see the inside, especially the upstairs! Thanks for sharing this journey:)

  5. Oh my goodness!! What a gorgeous red barn!! All that storage will definitely come in handy I’m sure! Sounds like y’all had a great contractor so you didn’t end up with a faded pink barn in a few years!

  6. Nothing says farmhouse to me more than a red barn!

    What a beautiful structure and you all built it yourselves!

    Job well done.

    Happy day friend!

  7. So cute! Great post. Cant wait to see the inside. We put up a building last summer for our farm food service. No walls in most of it but similar idea only we did it all by ourselves…and with a volunteer team from our church. A good old fashioned barn raising! Your kids must love all that space for playing this winter!

    1. Thank you for visiting! The barn is a dream come true for us! We are still finishing the upper room. Reveal post coming soon I hope! We need to add on to our house, but have considered just putting up a Shop/house building too. So much to consider. An actual pole barn is not meant to last a lifetime…bummer, so as a house I don’t think it’s the best choice.

  8. Love the red siding!! Great job!
    Who manufactures the red siding and what is the name of the color? It is gorgeous! We are planning a garage and I’m struggling to find a red that I like.

    1. Good question, the red called dark red. It was manufactured by Martin Metal which is local to us in Central Missouri. Red is so tricky, the builder drove us around to see different buildings with each red and what they look like after a few years of fading. The original color we picked eventually fades to a pink, um no thank you!! He talked us into this color and we couldn’t be happier!

  9. Hi love the barn just gorgeous! One question. Did your shop doors come with the hardware and windows or did you do some kind of faux look? Trying to find something to add character to our plain white roll up shop doors. Thanks!

    1. I replied by email, but thought I should comment here too, just in case someone else had the same question. The windows are real, but the hardware is faux. We got the magnetic hardware from Amazon. They are super inexpensive and hold up to the wind here.

  10. LOVE your barn!
    We are going to put up a red pole barn as well. The red is so hard to decide one! What is the name of your red metal?

    1. Thank you! We are so pleased with how it turned out! Red is super tricky! Our builder took us around to all the red barns in our area and showed us how the different colors looked in different light and on different buildings. We thought that we wanted one called bright red. However, he warned us that when it faded it looked pink. He was right! The one called “red” was more orangey. We chose the one called “dark red”. It really is perfect!

  11. Hi,
    Great little barn and great tips, thanks for aharing. Could you share approximately what a barn like this costs in Missouri? Also did you put a concrete floor in and if so how much was that? Thanks!

  12. Love your new barn… we’re re-roofing our old red barn..we decided on the color grey..can you share the color name of your grey roof??.. thx.!!

    1. Sorry for the delay! I think the color is called charcoal, but I cannot find the paperwork that states it. It is a grey with a hint of brown to it. Each manufacturer will have different names too. I hope that helps some!

  13. thanks so much for your inspiring post! We are purchasing a property with a large metal barn/workshop on it and I’m super excited about the possibilities. However the barn is currently used for commercial vehicle storage and maintenance, and it smells of gasoline. I’d love to build a loft in it but I’m worried about the smell. I am curious how storing your tractor and Van in it have affected the loft space. Can you smell the vehicles and the gasoline from the loft?

    1. Great question! We insulated the ceiling downstairs with mineral wool insulation. We don’t notice a smell on a regular basis. If the tractor has been pulled in or out of the barn we will sometimes notice a bit of an exhaust smell. Also, we store hay down there and after we get fresh hay, I can smell it a bit upstairs as well. I really think insulating the ceiling helps a lot with keeping the smell down though! Hope that helps!

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