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  1. I have now learned my problem is item 10. I thought it was just me who didn’t like to check up on my kids chores….. They were, always asking if I didn’t believe them. I shall turn over a new, leaf and inspect without guilt. 😊

    1. Ha! “Don’t you believe me?” Hmmm…not really! Just kidding! I honestly believe they simply do not see things the way we do! I’m so glad this helped!

  2. Jenn, I love this! This just shows the realness for us stay at home moms. It’s actually funny you just posted this, because I’m working on a post showing how messy and unorganized our homeschool nook is/was, and I am still contemplating whether or not I should show how bad it was. I guess I should! 🤣

    I also do what you mentioned in step #5 (sweep everything into the center of the room) . I don’t know when I started this, but it’s super helpful and I love doing it. My kiddos hate it and whine, but it’s the easiest way for me to bring all the chaos into one pile and tell them to clean it up.

    Thanks for sharing and showing me that I’m not alone with the messiness at times, lol.


    1. Yes! It is miserable to see how big the pile may be, however, then you know exactly what you are dealing with! Thank you…yes always keeping it real here!

  3. My way is to sneak in with a trash bag and start stuffing! They never miss it!

    I REALLY appreciate you keeping this real! This post has SO MUCH truth! Our boys have struggled FOR YEARS with maintaining a clean room. We’ve tried so many things, but it does always seem to come back to “Don’t expect what you don’t inspect.” Aargh! I like inspecting right after they’ve cleaned up, but hate doing the room inspection generally. And so we get cramming and jamming.

    My boys are now teens, but still share a tiny room. No space for storage, so that’s a problem (we are building and living in our camper). They literally spent all day cleaning last week. LITERALLY. 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️

    I am going to have them look at your method. Maybe it’ll help to have a better system.

    Thanks for sharing at the Homestead Blog Hop!

    Come back!

    1. I am so glad I am not the only one! I have always felt like this was some disease that was only at our home! I admire you for managing life in a camper!! Wow!

  4. I just stumbled across this post and am dying laughing… I am getting ready to clean my boys bedrooms this weekend… and I couldn’t relate more!!!! So wonderful to hear another mother put it all into words for me! 🙂 (I may have sent this article to my mother to prove I’m not the only person out there that deals with this! hahaha) THANK YOU!

    1. I am so glad you enjoyed it! My mom was just here today, and she went upstairs…would you believe my girls’ room is trashed again!!! Even with the plan in place! Sigh!

    1. Yes! It seems like once they get to about age 10-12 there begins to feel like there might be some hope too! Thank you for visiting!

  5. This is the exact process I go through to clean my daughters room! We will be doing it tomorrow. She has the ability to trash her bedroom in just a couple of hours and will also spread her toys, dolls and art supplies in every room of the house if I don’t stay on top of it every minute she’s home and awake. I love how creative she is and listening to her play makes me smile but the mess can really drive me nuts. Being a parent has slowly chipped away at my standards over the years. At this point whatever items of hers I find around the house get tossed into a basket and every two weeks we do the big cleanup. Just trying to maintain my sanity.

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