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  1. Like you, I live in a small rural town with basically no shopping options without a 2 or 3 hour drive. Local produce is abundant and cheap but aside from that it´s very limited. I am not exagerating when I say Amazon Prime has literally changed our lives. Not only do we have access to many things, but also at much better prices. I did not know about Warehouse, will have to take a look. Great article, will be sharing it with many people.

    1. Teresa, Yes, I totally agree, it is so nice to have access to just about anything we want. Really we are totally spoiled because we can also get it in such a short amount of time!

  2. Hey friend….
    Just started watching Victorian Farm on Prime…you will truly appreciate all our modern conveniences when you see these three folks live as folks did back in the 1880’s on a farm in the UK.
    Thanks for the info on the Amazon Warehouse…will be checking it out!

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