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  1. Even though I’ll never be pregnant again, a lot if this information can still be utilized. You look wonderful❤️

    1. I had the worst nausea ever with mine and it got worse with each pregnancy. So much so that I can never do it again. I literally felt like I might die! But if someone else had told me that I would have just rolled my eyes and thought they were whining. Its so true about everyone being different!

      1. Yes, it is so hard to have compassion for someone when you have never been through it yourself! So sorry that was your experience! I have a friend that came from a big family, and planned to have a large family herself. However, she too was sick, sick sick the entire pregnancy. She couldn’t hold anything down. She has four children now, and I don’t think we will be meeting any more!

    2. That’s kind of you to say! It’s hard to see the truth in pictures….oh crap I am every bit as big as I feel!! Ha!

  2. Congrats with the little one! I have 3 daughters. I always had tiredness, nausea and heart burn towards the end. I enjoyed the natural tips on your blog. I also lived in leggings the whole time. I did buy a pair of maternity jeans to try. Funny story, after my first one was born my fiance ended up wearing them by accident, it was a funny sight.

  3. This is such a great resource for pregnant women. I wish I had known these things when I was pregnant with my four babies, especially about the nausea and fatigue. I suffered so much from them. I also ended up with premature labor with two of mine that required several hospitalizations. I wish that I had had this kind of knowledge back then. Great blog post!

    1. Thank you Elise! I know, I feel like women are not getting the information they need to be healthy during pregnancy! Thanks again!

  4. Oh the pregnancy memories that this brought back (the good, bad, and the ugly 😉). It truly is a miracle growing another human. God bless. Take care.

  5. What amazing tips! And I hear you on the varicose veins :/ !!! I had to stop having babies after our second because I kept getting blood clots and, though blood thinners helped, it just wasn’t safe for me. I wish and have prayed otherwise, but that is the way for me.

    And, your blog and pictures are beautiful! 🙂

    Coming via Imparting Grace

    1. Sarah, thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment! I’m sorry for your struggles, the human body is so complex and there are just so many variables! Best wishes to you!

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