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    1. Thank you Janette…I really am proud of him! I love to see my kids work hard and accomplish something great!

  1. I absolutely love that swing but I’d first need a porch! Mine is only about 5 feet wide and hardly holds the pot plants I have. Enjoy that beauty.

    1. Thank you Janice! I love having a porch, it truly is a blessing! At least you are putting the space you have to good use by growing plants!

  2. What a beautiful swing! Has anyone adapted this for a twin sized mattress? I am a novice and would appreciate any lessons learned,

    1. Hi there Leah, I have not heard of anyone adapting it so far. These plans are only a couple of months old. You should be able to adapt them by just adding the difference in the measurements between a twin and a crib. Keep in mind that a twin swing will be quite heavy and will need good support for hanging! Update us if you decide to make one! I do think the basic instructions should be the same no matter the size!

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