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  1. It’s really sad that I don’t know how to do this! My hubby always cuts ours up. I am going to do it on my own next time! Definitely a Pinterest save for future reference! Great job.

    1. How funny, I used to be too grossed out to even take the giblets out of a store bought turkey! I always got my husband to do it!

  2. Thanks Jenn! I love this. We have raised and bought whole chickens for years but I have to say that I’ve never cut any up. Crazy, I know! Always seemed too difficult and really what was the purpose for just one…we’re eating the whole thing anyway, right? But doing 4 at a time so I can get enough of any one part never occured to me. I do often cook 2 or 3 at a time to save time for later prep but always did them whole. This is a game changer.
    Hope you are going to be shiwing all the meals you made with them!

    1. Julie, I am so glad this inspired you. Isn’t it funny how we get into doing things and forget there may be other options! When I was putting this post together last night, my blocks were giving me grief for some reason, when I looked at it today I saw that several sections were never published! So, yes I intend to share some recipes, you didn’t know that because the block wasn’t there! Ha! It’s all fixed now! Thank you for the encouragement!

  3. Oh thank you! I have always been disgusted by crockpot chicken and now I know why! We buy local chicken but pay extra to have most of it cut up… maybe I could now attempt it myself!

    1. I know I am totally disgusted by crock-pot chicken too! Without liquid it even gets a bit crispy on the outside! I have started putting very little liquid in with all of my other meats too, and I like the results much better.

    2. I am so glad that this was helpful! I feel silly on video. We raise Cornish Cross. We have a hatchery right down the road, so we buy from them. We have tried Heritage Breeds in the past, but we like the quick grow and meat from the Cornish Cross. We raise them for 7 or 8 weeks and average between 5 and 6 pound birds.

      1. We just started a small farm and sell whole chickens. We have Cornish Cross chickens and so far it’s been good. Just trying to sell them now . Tonight I’ll attempt to cut up a whole chicken

        1. I’m so happy for you! Being able to sell some sure offsets the cost of raising them, doesn’t it? I hope cutting it up goes well for you!

  4. This was so helpful! Especially with the video. What breed of meat birds do you raise and at what age do you butcher? Your bird looked nice and meaty

    1. Oops, I replied to the wrong person! We raise Cornish Cross Chickens. We raise them for 7-8 weeks and average between 5-6 lbs. They are nice and meaty! We prefer them over the Heritage breeds like the Red Rangers. These just grow faster, they are easier to process and the meat is what people expect from chicken. I am glad this was helpful!

  5. Oh how I needed this post! One of my major goals for our new cottage is to have a freezer where I can store meat. I have never been able to do the whole chicken thing, and will admit that it intimidates me! Will pin this post so that I can reference later. Thank you!

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