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  1. I have not tried these turnip recipes yet, but I sure will. My husband and I just discovered turnips and are loving them. I cut them into french fries and put them in a skillet with chopped cooked bacon, chopped onion and jalapeño. Delicious!

  2. Jenn,
    My husband is a big turnip fan so I’m saving this for him. I’d also like to share a link to this post on my Sunday – Dirt Road Adventures. I’ll link back to your blog for all the details.

  3. We love turnips too! I always add turnip to my homemade soups they just pump up the tastiness of the soup.

  4. I use turnips to replace potatoes in soups or in pot roast. Slightly more moist, but very similar taste when they absorb mixed flavors (meats, onions, carrots…).
    Good for anyone lowering carb intake.

  5. 4 stars
    I have to tell you I was amazed on how healthy turnips are and when I was growing up, my grandmother used to make turnip salad as an appetizer.
    She grated turnips and onions and put it in a bowl with olive oil and salt and let it chill for a few hours.
    One can grate carrots for taste and color for turnip salad as well.
    There was never any left-overs when turnip salad was made.

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