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  1. I love this! We are also a large family and I always telly husband and kids we need to leave 15 minutes before we actually to so that we will leave ” on time” but I never factor in getting there 15 minutes early to get us all unloaded and situated! I’m going to start telling everyone we need to leave a half hour before now😊

  2. I only have 3 and I struggle with this. Before kids I was early everywhere. I tried keeping toddler shoes in the car, but then when I would clean it out, we would arrive somewhere and there would be no shoes for her! Argh.

    1. Yes, the shoes always wind up left in the car anyway because…what toddler has ever kept their shoes on in the car? We should just build a shoe rack in our van! The only time they wear shoes is when we go somewhere anyway!

  3. I am definitely going to pass this on to my daughter! She was late before kids, so I know this can help her! I don’t know where she gets it from. LOL
    Thanks for the great ideas.

  4. This is a post written for my husband! We are so opposite. I plan ahead and set 2 reminders on my watch. 1 hour and 15 minutes. It really helps. My hubby would rather have “10 more minutes of sleep, please”. I have a hard time relating, even after 29 years, lol. My eyes open, I hit the floor running (to which I am so grateful each and every day for that)!

    I totally agree about being late for dinner. I have a family member who thinks it’s ok to be 30 minutes late because they wanted to do laundry or tape a show before they left, all the time. I believe this shows disrespect on the person who invited them.

    This is a great post that can relate to everyone. So elegantly written, as always, you’re such a kind person and it shows. xoxo Jersey

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and for the words of encouragement! Funny how opposites can be happily married!

  5. I am just like your husband! I would rather be somewhere ten minutes early than right on time! These are great suggestions for those who struggle with this area, even if they don’t realize it, like my husband! Lol!!

  6. Great post! I have always been in the same boat as your husband where I arrive 10 minutes early. Then I had kids, and now I’m always at least 10 minutes late! It’s so frustrating. I’m going to put your tips into action and see if that helps.

  7. Oh my goodness being late. Ugh. I have three older sisters and everywhere we went as a family we were late. I hated it and was beyond mortified, even when I was little. I hated the eyes staring as we walked into mass late, etc.
    I laughed at your comment about toddler shoes needing a third, you are NOT wrong!!
    My husband and I can engage in a bit of tension as well from time to time. He too can find other things that need to be done rather than getting ready. Then when the girls and I are ready to walk out the door, he still needs to eat, or get dressed, or something that is not quick and simple.
    These steps you listed seem simple but that are absolutely essential. Thank you for the post!
    Happy 4th of July, I hope y’all are doing something fun today!

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