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  1. Love this read. We too instilled hard work into the children. Yes, some family members thought we were too hard on them. My kids, my rules, I did what I felt was best. I have no regrets 28 years later.
    Keep writing, love reading.

  2. Fantastic post! Loved it:) Photography made me want to be there! What wonderful kiddos and great parenting. We need more of getting back to the basics with our kids.

  3. Loved it. It is a hard balance for me to find contentment with where I am, vs making changes (often expensive) to improve our family culture.

    1. It is very hard to be content when you are in a place where you want things to be different. Often times I think we just need to find joy in the little things. I used to read contentment as stop dreaming, but that isn’t it!

  4. Wonderful post! I want it all, a historic farm but in the middle of a quaint small town! Not sure I’ll ever find that! But for now I’ll live vicariously through blogs like yours!

  5. I love this. As my husband and I dream our BIG dreams of homesteading/farming (with no children yet!) I’ve often wondered this. Great read and great advice. Thank you!!

  6. This is so beautifully said and I loved hearing your story. Hubby and I always thought we’d get land in the country, raise sheep, chickens, bees, farm some, etc, but in the end due to life circumstances, we live in the city and instead have our garden, fruit trees, berry bushes, etc. and it’s our little piece of heaven for now. Someday we may still have our little place in the country, but we’ll see what life brings.

    1. Yes, life has a way of giving us unexpected circumstances. I love that you are doing what you love where you are!

  7. I am SO grateful again for finding this blog. The part where your oldest was nine when yalls dream became a reality made my heart so warm. It made me stop reading and relax, I felt like maybe I’m not doing it all wrong. Our oldest is two, we still have time.
    Wonderful post, love your writing!

    1. Thank you for the encouragement. Isn’t it funny how we get all worked up in our minds about something, when really it’s going to be ok, yes you have plenty of time!

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